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Emma has worked with authors and agents directly for over a decade. She knows how daunting and overwhelming the process can feel at times, and how helpful it can be to speak to someone who knows the ins and outs of the early stages of getting a manuscript into the right hands and working through the unfamiliar, at times intimidating, publishing process.  

Emma offers a range of editorial services to help support you through this next step. As a reader for a literary scout, she currently specialises in commercial women’s and book club fiction, as well as crime and thrillers. She also has significant publishing experience in literary fiction, and trade non fiction from her time at a world-renowned independent publishing house.   

In each instance, Emma is happy to offer an initial free 30-minute phone or video call consultation to ensure we can offer you exactly what you’re looking for. If there’s something we don’t feel we’re best-placed to handle, we’ll let you know at this stage. 

We're able to adapt our services to your individual needs so please be in touch with us if none of these options fit what you’re looking for - for example if you're looking for bespoke mentoring - and we’d be happy to discuss with you in more detail. 

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Submission and Pitch

Submission and Pitch package: to get your submission ready to share with agents or publishers.

What we need from you: your draft cover letter, your synopsis / outline, and a copy of your manuscript (fiction) / proposal (non-fiction). All details will remain confidential.


What we will provide: an annotated cover letter, one page of notes on the first 10,000 words (fiction) / full proposal (non-fiction), and a one hour consultation on video call / over the phone. 

A one-off fee of £200.

Manuscript Assessment

Manuscript Assessment: an editorial read of your manuscript with accompanying notes and guidance to help steer your next steps with the project. Please note that this is not a line edit. 

What we need from you: a copy of your manuscript. All details will remain confidential.

What we will provide: three to four pages of notes focusing on plot, structure, character, and commercial potential; and a one hour consultation on video call / over the phone.

A one-off fee of £695 for a manuscript of up to 85,000 words. Or a one-off fee of £800 for up to 125,000 words. 

Bespoke Mentoring

Bespoke Mentoring: Emma will be available to answer any questions you may have about the publishing process; from subsidiary rights (such as Permissions, Performance or Translation rights), through to contracts and negotiation, trade marks, unpublished material and copyright infringement. Please note that Emma is not a lawyer.

A one-off fee of £125 for each one hour session when booked individually.

Alternatively, we also offer the option to purchase bundles of sessions at discounted rates: two sessions at £110 per session, four sessions at £100 per session, six sessions at £90 per session. For a number of sessions over and above this, Emma is happy to offer £80 per session. 

These sessions can happen either over video call or in-person. 

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