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Pay What You Can

We know that price can be a barrier for some and we want to make all of our services accessible to everyone wherever possible. Services start from £1 and we’d be happy to offer any of the Literary Estate or Writer services at the level you can afford. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer this at all times, but will be able to offer a service to one writer or estate every three months (February, May, August, and November). The writer or estate will be chosen at random, and please be in touch via the box below or at with the details of the service that fits your needs and with the level of fee you can offer. Emma will do her best to reply to as many emails as she can but please don’t be disheartened if you aren’t selected and please do reapply for the next session if still applicable (there’s no need to change any details of your application unless relevant).  

All monies from these sessions will go back into this scheme so that we can continue to offer this – and hopefully one day increase the number of annual offerings of this scheme - to estates and writers. 

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